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Corporate Overview

PT Tunggal Aurora (TA) was initially established to serve the emerging cellular project implementation. In continuing growth of telecommunication developments and in optimizing the utilization of high-skilled manpower, TA aims to provide high-quality engineering services in telecommunication field, ranging from consulting, project management, project implementation, as well as network maintenance and optimization.

PT. TA, established as a service provider company especially for telecommunication infrastructure network. With telecommunication technology infrastructure sector as our core business we are providing services for telecommunication infrastructure implementation and support in Installation, Quality Audit, Commissioning and Integration, Maintenance, Expansion and Performance Support (include: technical support), and Implementation/Maintenance Management Support. Also continuing develop services on costumer based requirement.

PT. TA, as an answer for rapidly growth telecommunication technology and a readiness sign for Indonesian native company, competing in this globalization era maturely in handling telecommunication technology. We have high competence resources and wide experiences especially in GSM telecommunication system worldwide in our early age company, which shows our hard effort to reach our goals.

PT. TA, with full commitment, expertise and experiences in Radio Base Station macro, micro, and in-building GSM and Microwave. With hands on experience as first handlers involved for years in daily project activities within Ericsson product and still continue to develop competences in other products required by costumer.

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