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PT. TA, a service provider company has commitment to deliver overall infrastructure network telecommunication in one stop total solution way specially in transmission system and Base Transceiver Station. Basically our service comprises three main groups: Installation, Commissioning, Integration, and Quality Audit, Maintenance Expansion and Performance Support and Implementation / Maintenance Management Support.

Installation, Commissioning, Integration, and Quality Audit
Installation, Commissioning and Integration comprises of: BTS/Transmission equipment installation, Commissioning of BTS /Transmission equipment, Integration of BTS equipment, and site Quality Audit.

  1. Installation   BTS/Transmission
  2. Commissioning and Integration of BTS/Transmission
  3. Site Quality Audit

Maintenance Expansion and Performance Support
Maintenance, Expansion, and Performance Support comprises of : Equipment Relocation, Equipments Swapping, Equipment Dismantling, Technical Support and Faulty Unit Replacement, Operation and Maintenance for all live BTS/Transmission equipments including capacity upgrade for BTS / Transmission, and RF/network Performance Optimization (drive test).

  • Equipment Relocation
  • Equipment Swapping
  • Equipment Dismantling
  • Technical support and Faulty Unit Replacement
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Up Grade Capacity or Configuration
  • RF/network Performance Optimization

Implementation/Maintenance Management Support
Implementation/Maintenance Management Support is our latest exclusive service for operator to be focused in their role. We offer many advantages with these special services as a partner in growing the network in the technology manner. These services are:

  • Implementation Management Support
  • Maintenance Management Support

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